IoT-Focused PhD Position at INRIA in Paris/Berlin

The HiPERCOM team at INRIA in Paris, France, offers 1 PhD fellowship. The position focuses on leveraging the Internet of Things to provide better safety and security in public spaces potentially gathering a large number of people, such as airports, train stations etc. The goals are (i) to better prevent mass panic by early, sensor-enhanced detection of potentially disturbing events, and (ii) to better detect abnormal behavior or presence in specifically monitored areas. The PhD student will fully participate in a new collaboration between INRIA, Freie Universität Berlin, and SAGEM, among other partners of the SAFEST project (jointly funded by ANR & BMBF).

If you join the team, you will:
• join a 3 year PhD program;

• spend a significant chunk of that time in Berlin at the Freie Universität, and the rest of the time in Paris at INRIA (precise dates to be determined with the applicant).
• obtain a fellowship starting from € 23,500 gross per year.

We encourage motivated and skilled candidates to apply for this position, which will focus on the following challenges:
• MAC and IP layers;
• Self-configuration and self-adaptation across the whole network protocol stack;

• Communication protocols for memory/CPU constrained devices.

— Skills —

Good programming skills are required. Applicants must have a Master degree in Computer Science or in another appropriate field.

Good english is a requirement (french and/or german skills are a plus but not a requirement. The following fields are particularly relevant:
• Wireless Networking;
• Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks (IEEE 802.15.4, RPL, 6LowPan);
• Distributed algorithms;
• Simulations (ns3, ns2 or equivalent);
• Experiments (Contiki, ARM-based nodes, MSP430 based nodes such as wsn430, mica2, telosb, etc).

— How to apply —

Applicants should email to and provide:
• a CV;
• a cover letter describing why they are interested in this PhD fellowship;
• two recommendation letters (or more);

• the grades for the last 2 years and their ranking in their master program;
For more information email
Deadline: July 9th 2012

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