Postdoc position on secure service evolution, Ascola team, Nantes

Post-Doctoral Position on

“Secure evolution of services”

CESSA research project (

ASCOLA research team – Aspect and composition languages
Ecole des mines de Nantes – INRIA, LINA (CNRS)

Keywords : Service-oriented computing, software composition, security
Main skills: Language design, formal methods, implementation
Location : Nantes, France

Duration : 12 months, extension possible
Starting Date: best September 2011, possibility of earlier and later start


The candidate will work on the project “Compositional Evolution of Secure
Services with Aspects” (CESSA).

The project CESSA aims at building secure service-oriented applications
by using aspects. Ascola’s tasks include

– The design of a specification language for globally describing
collaborations between services.

– The development of a projection theory, leading to local
specifications for services from a global description of their

– The synthesis of services from local specifications, by using

– The implementation of a language for secure evolution of services.

– Applications to various security properties and existing service

The candidate is expected to participate mainly on the definition of
the security features for service evolution, their implementation and

The position includes cooperation with the other three partners of the
research project (see below for detailed info) and may involve stays
at the partners.

Skills and Profile

The ideal candidate would have a keen interest in applying rigorous
techniques to concrete implementations for real-world systems, with a
strong background in one or more of the following domains:

* Software Composition, Aspect-Oriented Programming

* Service-Oriented Architectures, Distributed Programming

* Formal Semantics for Programming Languages

* Program Verification

* Automated Proof Assistants (like Coq).


Ascola cooperates with three partners in the CESSA project:

– A security research team from Eurecom, Sophia-Antipolis, France.

– The Security and Trust team from SAP Research, located at

– IS2T, an innovative start-up company developing Java-based
infrastructures for embedded devices, located at Nantes.

Overall, the Ascola research team addresses the general problem of
software evolution, by developing concepts, languages, implementations
and tools for building software architectures based on components,
services and aspects. It aims at investigating the (formal) definition
of aspect and composition languages and their properties, their
implementation on top of distributed infrastructures, and their
application to, for example, the management of security concerns in
service-oriented architectures or energy efficiency within
cluster-based data centers. Its long term goal is the development of
new abstractions for the programming of software architectures, their
representation in terms of expressive programming languages and their
correct and efficient implementation.

Salary and benefits

Salary: approx. 2100 EUR/months net
including Standard French social security benefits


Contact : Mario Südholt (
Hervé Grall (

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