Postdoc position at ENS de Lyon / LIP

new LIP computer science research department at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon is offering a postdoctoral position for the academic year 2011-2012. Applications until June 17th.

LIP computer science research department at cole Normale Sup rieure de Lyon is offering a postdoctoral position for the academic year 2011-2012. LIP is a joint department with CNRS, INRIA, ENS and UCBL (U. Lyon). Our main strength is the creative interaction between long-term fundamental research, innovative software and hardware design, and transfer through industrial collaborations. This interaction provides a unique research context and fosters new trends, both theoretical and practical, with two main transverse areas:

* Mathematical computer science models, methods, and algorithms;
* Addressing the challenges of future computational and communication architectures.

Applications will be taken into consideration until June 17th in all areas covered by the 8 LIP research teams:

* ARENAIRE (Computer Arithmetic), project leader Florent de Dinechin
* AVALON (Algorithms and Software Architectures for Service Oriented Platforms), project leader Frédéric Desprez
* COMPSYS (Compilation and Embedded Computing Systems), project leader Alain Darte
* D-NET (Dynamic Network), project leader ric Fleury
* MC2 (Models of Computation and Complexity), project leaders Pascal Koiran and Eric Thierry
* PLUME (programs and proofs), project leader Olivier Laurent
* RESO (Optimized protocols and software for high performance networks), project leader Paulo Gon alves
* ROMA (Resource Optimization : Models, Algorithms and Scheduling), project leader Frédéric Vivien

See for further informations.

The procedure to apply, until June 17th, is the following:

* The position will last one year, starting on september the first, 2011. The candidate should hold a PhD at that date.
* The candidate should contact the scientific leader of one of the 8 teams, in order to check that her/his application is sensible.
* After receiving an acknowledgment from the scientific leader, the candidate should send an application file consisting in: a letter describing the scientific project, the LIP research team the candidate is applying to should clearly appear; a scientific CV (3-4 pages long, a link to a web page where publications and software is made available is welcome).

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