NetSciCom 2011


NetSciCom 2011
Second IEEE International Workshop on Network Science
For Communication Networks

April 15, 2011 – Shanghai, China

In conjunction with IEEE Infocom 2011


Network Science is a newly emerging discipline with applications in a
variety of domains, such as, Communication Networks, Power Grid
Networks, Transportation Networks, Social Networks, Biological Networks
and Economics. Designing complex communication networks of the future
needs a deep understanding of the interplay between the physical, the
communication, and the social networks involved. An understanding of
such interdependency can only be achieved by closer interaction between
Network Scientists, Communication Network Designers, and Social and
Behavioral Scientists. The goal of this workshop is to a provide a forum
where this diverse group of researchers can meet and exchange ideas that
will lead to deeper insights into the design of robust, efficient and
complex communication networks of the future.


The topics of this workshop lie at the intersection of Network Science
and Communication Network Design – including Topology Design and
Analysis, Traffic Modeling, Traffic Routing, Social Media Analysis:
blogs and friendship networks, Bio-inspired networks, Internet scale
measurement and analysis of online communities, Social network analysis
with mobile phone data, Interdependency between power grid,
communication and transportation networks.



Papers should contain original material, i.e., that has not been
previously published or currently submitted elsewhere. Manuscripts
must be limited to 6 pages in IEEE 8.5×11 conference format, and
formatted in strict accordance with the IEEE Communications Society
author guidelines. All submissions will be handled
electronically. Accepted papers will be published by the IEEE INFOCOM
2009 workshop proceedings and will be available through IEEE Xplore.

Prospective authors should submit their papers through EDAS.
Submission guidelines will be posted on the workshop website soon.



Workshop date: April 15, 2011

Submission deadline: January 15, 2011

Notification of acceptance: March 1, 2011
Camera-ready version submission deadline: March 15, 2011



Andrea Richa, Arizona State U.



Arun Sen, Arizona State U.
Katia Obraczka, UC Santa Cruz
Guoliang Xue, Arizona State U.



J. Altmann, Seoul National University, Korea
M. Boguna, University of Barcelona, Spain
M. Faloutsos, University of California Riverside
N. Ganguly, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
A. Hagberg, Los Alamos National Laboratory
J. J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves, University of California Santa Cruz
A. Jukan, Braunschweig, Germany
H. T. Kung, Harvard University
M. Latapy, CNRS, France
C. Magnien, CNRS, France
M. Medard, MIT
C. Phillips, Sandia National Laboratory
C. Qiao, University of Buffalo (SUNY)
C. Scheideler, T.U. Munich
Y. Shavitt, Tel Aviv University, Israel
A. Spyropoulos, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
I. Stavrakakis, National University of Athens
M. T. Thai, University of Florida
R. Ulman, Army Research Office
P. Varaiya, University of California Berkeley


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