Postdoc position on “Design and Management of networks with low power consumption”

A Postdoc position is available in the research area “Design and Management of networks with low power consumption” in Mascotte team ( which is a joint team INRIA/I3S (CNRS, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (UNS)).

This postdoc is funded as part of the ANR project DIMAGREEN (

Important dates: the position is for one year (with possible extension) and can start late 2010 or during 2011 (to be discussed with the candidate).

Salary: approximately 2600 euros per month (gross).

With the increased cost of energy and the sharp growth of demand, the need
of energy-aware solutions has appeared as an imperative for governments, companies and
individuals. This thematic is particularly relevant for the networking community. For example,
as of 2006, the electricity usage attributable to the servers and data centers in the US
is estimated at about 61 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh), representing 1.5% of the total U.S.
electricity consumption. Between 2000 and 2006, this usage more than doubled, amounting
to about 4.5 billion in electricity costs. It’s poised to double again by 2011. Hence a very
important objective is the reduction of the energy consumption to operate and manage the
existing networks, especially with the development of demanding new applications.

The main objectives of the project are to propose and analyze energy-aware
network design and management. The goal is to increase the life-span of telecommunication
hardwares and to reduce the energy consumption, hence the operating costs as
well. In order to achieve these objectives, the goal is to propose:
. New cost functions for the network devices (e.g. routers), via measures and models of
their consumption in function of their load and other hardware constraints.
. New tools for designing energy efficient networks, based on the analysis of the recent
changes of the Internet topology.
. Efficient routing policies, that take into account the new characteristics of Internet
traffic, e.g. the strong variation of user traffic.

Prerequisites for candidates.
A Ph.D. in networking, algorithmic, operational research or applied mathematics (graph theory and/or optimization).

Electronic applications are accepted from now and should be sent to:
Frederic Giroire,,
Joanna Moulierac,

The application should contain:
– A Curriculum Vitae together with a cover letter,
– Recommmandation letter or references,
– A list of selected publications,
– A copy of the PhD manuscript (pdf),
– url of the professionnal web site.

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